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Exhibits in 2005

Stitches in Time
African-American Quilting in Henry County

Spring 2005

Trip Around the World

Sun and Flower

Trip Around the World" Quilt

Brenda Morris and
Reginald Caldwell with
"Sun & Flower" Quilt.

Joe Louis Quilt

Quilt made from scraps of Joe Louis' boxing outfits
in the "Dahlia" pattern.

A Look Back
History of Cavitt Place in Photographs
Summer 2005


View of driveway
O.C. Barton standing in garden that was behind the house. View of driveway, with cars parked in the garage.
Front view of Cavitt Place Nelle Cavitt McSwain and Margaret McSwain
Front view of Cavitt Place Nelle Cavitt McSwain and
Margaret McSwain

Murder in a Small Town:
Tales from the Henry County Archives

Fall 2005

Albert Lawson shot and
injured Sheriff Chompton in 1909.  After being a fugitive
for several days, he was captured and almost lynched.  After being returned to his
cell, he was again captured
by a mob, who then lynched
him behind the jail. This was
the first and only lynching in Henry County

W.E.T. Atkins fell off a train while serving as a soldier in the Civil War.  Never mentally recovering from the accident, in 1879 he tried to kill his wife, children, and in-laws.  Family friend Isham G. Harris bailed Atkins out of jail and his brother, J.D. C. Atkins was going to support his defense.  W.E.T. Atkins skipped town before the trial and was never heard from again.

John Grainger killed
Littleberry Broach in 1829. 
His lawyer argued a new concept as his defense: self defense.  This early case set
the precedent for other self defense cases across the

Kenny Porter, son of Governor Porter, shot and killed a man who was defending his sister's honor against Porter.  Later that day, Kenny's brother Dudley overhead Alex White speaking poorly of Kenny, issued a duel challenge and was killed by White.  White had previously been stabbed by Kenny Porter.  White was acquited of the murder of Dudley Porter and Kenny Porter was never found guilty of his crime.

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